The game of feelings

I sentimenti sono i processi eterni dell'uomo/Feelings are the eternal processes of man.

A cura di Sabine Oberti

Galleria Vittoria, Roma

From 19/06/2014 to 04/07/2014

If we were surprised by Micaela Legnaioli with a mix of colors in his first show in May 2013, she is back to the predominance of white and black … As if her eyes were looking in the manichaeism of neutral colours for a clear answer in the “game of the feelings.”

Isn’t what makes us deliciously and terribly human this emotional state that varies according of our lives? Finding the balance in the opposite feelings, isn’t this heart of her work?

The artist digs deep within, in the depths of himself, and reaffirms the strength of feeling in the heart of the man.

Feelings, positive or negative, nothing is imposed by the artist, everything is just suggested … The choice of the title of these works by a single letter that leaves the viewer interrogating himself: “A” as “Appassionato” (passionate), “Ansia” (anxiety), “Abbandono (dereliction), “Allegria” (joy)…

A spontaneous and reckless modesty about her feelings is thinly veiled in the work “R” or “B”, or decided tears going through plexiglass panes that pierce the work “I”, or finally rusty wire nailed in the work named “P”.

Sharp edges of plexiglass, chains of words, shiny and curved shapes are the inner landscapes that the artist plays with in the great desire to feel, to exist and coexist with their feelings.

Micaela Legnaioli remains consistent with the creative process in which she excels, always faithful to scrap materials from which she draws nobility, hardness or simply utility. Resin, plaster, metal, various fabrics, plastic, wood planks give life to works that express a new meaning. The graphic style remains present in several languages, as if to defy the visitor of the World. And it was indeed the universal language of feelings.

She just can give rise to this addiction to life, with the awareness of having to make all human feelings coexist.