The series on metal, which shows the traces of the experiences that have occurred in the lives of women and men who have left a mark in the world, is proposed on sheets of zinc for women, copper for men, are carved and oxidized with acids. The artist’s atypical work, as it is very close to the two-dimensional works, is linked to the meaning of the superimposition of rocks. The irregular drawing of the rocks, the trace of the change in the composition of the material determined by natural events is translated onto the metal, all this is brought back to the sign that experiences, both positive and negative, leave in life.

Signs that make a person form and become what he is. The size of the works follows the years of life of these women at the same pace and the depth of the traces follow the impact that the various experiences have had on the specific life. In this way, real maps of personal paths are proposed, determined by the will, by chance, by the environment in which one lives; the visual impact and meaning are strong but are not revealed to the visitor until after a more thorough investigation.