Micaela Legnaioli’s “Naturae” project is the artist’s attempt to restore the nature of the person to the harmony necessary for creation after an experienced moment of loss, both personal and collective. The project, extrinsic through unique and unpublished works, wants to manifest what is the need to recover the so-called “atavistic energies” that guide man toward happiness.
This serie is intended as a kind of story that takes place in an imaginary world and represents the need to recompose the inner world of each individual, made up of colors, scents, shapes and sensations.
These poetic places, populated with flowers, encapsulate the symbolic value of an important moment of recapturing love, friendship, and thanksgiving with affection. Each flower carries its own unique and profound meaning, often accompanying an emotion.The flowers, the undisputed protagonists of these works, would like to communicate their emotions at a time when words are lacking. Speaking for them is the artistic technique in which they are made. It is the strong feelings that spring from the metal with oxidation and engraving, generating an indelible deep mark of feelings.
The technique adopted by the artist is that of metal oxidation through agents and acids that accelerate the process: no color pigments are inserted, but it is the chemical reaction of the metal alone that determines the coloring. The works are made of brass, zinc and copper, oxidized with salt, ammonia, muriatic acid and sulfuric acid. The oxidation is guided by the artist’s hand, which then etches the metal plate. To protect the work, a layer of epoxy resin is finally poured to fix the metal reaction.
The works, which have never been exhibited before, are of different sizes and in different materials and were
made by the artist from late 2021, during 2022 and 2023.