My fingerprints were created with the idea that fingerprints are the most personal and essential in the identity of a person. Fingerprints, in fact, are generated in the seventh months during the fetus creation, and stay the same all long the human life. From long time fingerprints are been used as identification of humans beeing, this identification is based on the fact of immutability, because fingerprints don’t change, and for their individuality, for the iniqueness.
When I thought of going trough the theme of portrait, I wanted to represent the individual essence remaining in the abstraction.  This type of  depiction erases cultaurals, religions and racial barriers.

My portraits dimensions are proporsionated on the size of the person. I use a personal proportion determinated on the hight and the weight. The color is representative of the personality of the person, and the fingerprint taken is the one of the thumb of the useful hand.